What Is The Best Definition Of Health?

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is “an enveloping interplay of physiological processes that regulate the responses of the body to both internal and external stimuli.” Various definitions have also been employed over the years for varying purposes. The definition of health is determined by the state of a person’s physical, emotional, mental, and social well being.


In defining health, a person’s state is then broken down into four categories, which are mind, body, spirit, and behavior. The mind/body aspect is also described by the definition as a state in which the patient experiences an optimum combination of mental activities. When talking about health care, it is a combination of all these aspects. It is said that one cannot separate these aspects because the combination ensures good health.

The definition has also been divided into two sections, the clinical aspect and the prevention of disease. These are both interrelated and work hand in hand. The clinical aspect is concerned with diagnosing the disease, monitoring the patient’s condition and response to treatment, and finally treating the disease. On the other hand, prevention of disease refers to the overall management of the health condition. Thus, when a patient comes in for treatment, the first thing that is done is to determine the underlying cause of the ailment so that a proper diagnosis and the right medication can be given.

More than anything, the definition of health care is determined by the government. It was introduced in 1990 by the National Institute of Health as a framework for defining what health means. Since then, the definition has been refined and updated and now covers almost all health areas including prevention, care of persons with disabilities, nursing care, community health, medical issues, public health, and preventive services. The current definition has undergone several changes due to technological advancements and globalization. Nevertheless, the ultimate goal of the definition is to provide quality health services and care to all. This is why many countries have included the provision of basic health services in their national constitutions.

The second aspect that this definition aims to cover is the concept of health as a state of complete physical, emotional, and social well being. This definition is more controversial because some experts claim that health is a state of fullness whereas others hold that health is something that cannot be reduced to any single element. The debate continues but the general consensus is that health is characterized by a sense of well-being that is achieved through appropriate exercise, healthy foods, and moderate social activities. Most health experts agree that the definition should include prevention of diseases rather than defining health as a condition where a person is free from certain diseases. This is because prevention is always the preferable course of action.

The third aspect is to define health as something that cannot be reduced to any single element. The problem with the current definition is that it has become a source of pride for some and shame for others. Health is a complex concept that involves the presence of many elements like psychological, social, physical, and spiritual. Some cultures look down on the physical health or illness as a sign of weakness, while in other countries it is seen as a sign of success. Therefore, the definition should take into consideration the fact that health is multidimensional and cannot be reduced to anything.

The Game of Dominoes


The Game of Dominoes

The word game can mean many different things. To play a game is to engage in a controlled physical activity. This may be a sport such as a game of golf, tennis, or basketball; a computer game, such as chess or solitaire; or even a game of cards, such as baccarat or rummage. A game can be played by one individual or many, usually with an object, goal, or setting of rules. A game can be an interactive real-life simulation, a self-contained story, or the product of an imagination.

A game is typically organized around a theme, such as chess, card games, sports, or warfare. A game of baccarat requires that players follow pre-determined rules, such as “alliance members must exchange one card face up at the beginning of each game they join.” Games are often used to teach young children the rules of the game, since a child must follow the rules of the game in order to win.

There are many different types of games, such as dominoes, Scrabble, and solitaire. Dominoes require players to place their pieces on the dominoes’ square base, avoiding other players’ pieces. Scrabble requires players to tile their words onto tiles, following pre-determined rules of the game. Players can make use of chess dice or wooden chips for the dominoes, placing their pieces on the squares of a board. In the case of a solitaire game, all players are given the same amount of chips, and must find pairs of cards, using pairs of cards that match up in the specified sequence.

Some of the earliest history of playing card games or dominoes can be dated back to ancient Egypt. There is evidence that players from this era created new games using ordinary playing cards. Egyptian tomb murals display people playing dominoes. Another example of a game similar to dominoes was found in the Royal Bible of King Solomon. Biblical scholars believe that King Solomon, is a monarch, must have introduced this card game to his court. This would explain why he is the one who was credited with creating the game.

Although there are no written rules, historians have deciphered ancient texts that document the game’s rules. It is possible to obtain printed versions of these ancient documents from several public libraries and heritage sites. Most of these published guides provide clear descriptions of the game pieces, as well as explaining how the game works. These guides also provide the basics of playing dominoes, such as how to choose game pieces, the different game rules, and different game board and playing card shapes.

Dominoes, like many gambling games, do not require physical skill in order to play. The main requirement is the ability to read and follow instructions. Even the greatest of chess grandmasters found difficulty in winning every game. If you have basic mathematical skills, the rules for this fun game are easy enough to follow. Anyone can play.

Understanding Breaking News

Breaking news, more commonly referred to as late-breaking news flash and interchangeably designated as special reports or special feature and daily news, is a very timely issue that many broadcasters feel requires the suspension of current programming or even whole day long news in order to relay its details to their audience. This has been a contentious issue with some media organizations refusing to adhere to these strictures. Other media sources, feeling the need for brevity, have embraced the medium with open arms. Breaking news as a concept has certainly been a contentious one from the time it first came on the scene. With the proliferation of cable television and the advent of the Internet, breaking news has taken on a new and unique role in today’s society.

breaking news

In a nutshell, a breaking news segment is normally a prelude or a story that a local news station will air prior to the main news segment. It is typically designed to give readers or television viewers a snippet of information about what is currently going on within the larger context of the show, often with a byline and by the name of the station, which helps to distinguish this form of coverage from other forms. Breaking news features can usually be viewed on a single channel, which means that the entire coverage will be delivered to just one set of eyes. Although not all stations hold the exclusive rights to provide this service, many do have enough control over the flow of the news to create a well-rounded experience.

In comparison, a daily or even a monthly special report is usually provided to viewers as part of a much broader coverage plan. A single report is generally reserved for a single day, although some shows will offer a double-bill of coverage on either Saturday morning or Sunday morning. The purpose behind these various packages is usually to provide broad coverage that will allow viewers to receive a greater number of important and useful details in a shorter amount of time. In some cases, special reports may appear on both nationally and locally transmitted networks. For example, a story may break about a school shooting in one town but then appear on an entirely different network in another part of the country.

Both of these options are a great way for people to get the most out of watching their local stations. But there is also another way to receive breaking news as it happens, and that is through the medium of online news. Online news services, which include both local stations and international ones, have long been providing viewers with breaking stories through streaming video. This type of delivery allows viewers to get the same type of firsthand information as if they were watching live. There is also the added benefit that online news services often offer transcriptions for those who might have difficulty locating the relevant quotes.

In order to get the full benefits of these types of in depth reporting, however, viewers need to be able to find them. Many stations offer a central location where they provide this type of news information. Other stations may choose to offer it through their website, while others may require viewers to subscribe to their service in order to gain access to their breaking news features.

These days, many of the major network affiliates carry a variety of different news outlets, including local ones. Many of these outlets carry more than one news source, which enables viewers to receive breaking stories from various networks without having to switch stations. The availability of network affiliates as well as local stations has also meant that more people have easy access to breaking news, even when they are unable to change their television stations. With the growth of the Internet, breaking news is no longer just reserved for the media. It is becoming increasingly easier for viewers to stay current with the latest stories that are being released all the time.

Bitcoin in 2018: What to expect from bitcoin next year

Bitcoin in 2018: What to expect from bitcoin next year

Dr. Julian Hosp, founder of TenX fintech, predicted that Bitcoin will see an even sharper rise and lower fall next year, saying:

“I think we’ll see Bitcoin reach the $ 60,000 mark, but I also think we’ll see Bitcoin reach the $ 5,000 mark. Yet the question is, “Which one do you reach first?” “

Short-term Bitcoin investors

This is due to the fact that Blockchain as the core technology of Bitcoin is reliable, innovative, reliable and truly pioneering. The long run belongs to it. Bitcoin is authentic, no doubt. But in recent months, he has invested real big loose cash – mostly by short-term profit-making investors who are probably just waiting for the right time for cash. This makes Bitcoin shaky. This means that apart from the occasional correction, Bitcoin will remain stable, posing little risk to the long-term investor who truly believes in its innovative power.

Hosp further complements and clarifies-

“I don’t think it’s going to be a bubble that’s just going to explode and everyone is losing their money, but I think it’s going to have to sort all the coins and all the assets that have very little use or value. Money is flowing into these cryptocurrency space assets that truly represent value, have new technology, and are used by people. “

In addition, according to Moas, who is known for Bitcoin’s predictions,

“Bitcoin would have to jump 20 times from where it is now to reach that first place. With that, you could estimate its value at about $ 6 a ton, which is close to where Gold and China are now. “

He says Bitcoin is more reliable than gold because one knows how much Bitcoin there is in the world while no one can be sure of gold. It has a technologically sound, clearly defined and respected value in the financial market.

Making a profit through Bitcoin

It is believed that those who just wanted to make some quick money from Bitcoin have probably already gone out of the market booking profit as Bitcoin has risen in 2017 and only they have really stayed.

Bitcoin and market

The rise in the value of Bitcoin is a challenge for the banking system. They need to find ways to survive in the Bitcoin era. Technical giants need to invest large sums in R & D related to Bitcoin and Blockchain to keep up with the changing market. New start-ups would come in that are increasingly showcasing Blockchain technology and pioneering the world’s problems in a pioneering way. Forbes also bet on Bitcoin in 2018.

Bitcoin future APART from the price

Honestly, the future price of Bitcoin is NOT the most interesting thing about Bitcoin or Blockchain. How to change and revolutionize the market, bring new aspects to it, strive for it. The total amount of dollars could fall, banks could shut down, Bitcoins could be the daily pocket change in your e-wallet and buy food using it, the government could control and tax cryptographic trades, some new cryptocurrencies could exceed Bitcoin and we couldn’t. The real potential of Blockchain and Bitcoin is far from being realized, and only the sky is the limit. If we continue to focus on price, the big picture will definitely be missed.

Gone are the era of the academic conservationist for those Bitcoins. Thanks to the revolutionary value of Bitcoin, it has taken off and has no stopping.

A Bitcoin 2018-a?

In Bitcoins, more splits can be made to make transactions faster and more manageable. It will remain volatile, but will eventually rise. Wall Street can join in and eventually fall in love with Bitcoin and escape to the skies. One of the main risks is that you will have to survive an accident if it ever happened. Another fear is that China will follow suit, re-regulate and even more, which will hurt the future of Bitcoins. Another big coin could take over Bitcoin in 2018 as well. Eventually, Bitcoin may become more attractive as a regular currency.

Let us know your thoughts on bitcoins in 2018 in the comments below, or email us at

The content presented may include the personal opinion of the author and is subject to market conditions. Do your market research before investing in cryptocurrencies. The author or publication is not responsible for your personal financial loss.

PhoenixDAO: A decentralized digital identity platform that rewards users

PhoenixDAO, a decentralized and open source digital identity-driven platform, has announced the planned launch of Event Marketplace DApp, which will provide a list and market for event tickets before the end of the first quarter of 2021 – both free and paid. This is followed by the recently improved beta version of Phoenix DAO Staking DApp .

Launched in 2020, aims to eliminate cases of whale manipulation with custom-designed DAO. The platform uses a community-based governance approach that allows signal holders to create and vote on proposals for platform-based projects and DApps. PhoenixDAO is powered by native PHNX tokens – it is also used during voting.

As we saw above, PhoenixDAO consists of two main parts – DAO (for control) and DApps (utility) – that give users a say in making decisions through the PHNX token.

At the heart of PhoenixDAO is the DAO or decentralized autonomous organization, which is the network management protocol. According to a statement, the DAO will allow the community to participate in the vote on the above-mentioned proposals and will also share grants from PhoenixDAO for beneficial projects in the ecosystem.

When it launched, the PhoenixDAO team launched a betting campaign in partnership with Ferrum Network, then quickly launched its first flagship dApp 2020 first flagship in Q3 and is expected to launch its second Event Marketplace this quarter. Next up is the schedule for an NFT Marketplace that will arrive later in the year.

Placement on the platform is possible in two ways – either through Spot staking DApp or by providing liquidity on Uniswap. On-site staking DApp allows users to earn up to 20% APY when paying in PHNX. Started in June, users will also be able to a month to earn ETH / PHNX rewards.

The success of the DAO cannot be underestimated as the liquidity and volume of the platform has soared since the anniversary. On Feb. 14, PhoenixDAO broke the 24-hour, all-time high on on Uniswap and other services for $ 950,000, showcasing the network’s capabilities. The Uniswap (PHNX / ETH) liquidity pool set an all-time high of $ 394,700 on Wednesday.

Another fantastic milestone reached today is with owners in excess of 1000  ! & # 128640;

That, along with more than $ 300,000 in PHNX: ETH LP & # 128293;  

– PhoenixDAO (@phnxdao)

Nevertheless, a wide range of PhoenixDAO partners have opened up in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, from marketers to developers. PhoenixDAO announced in mid-2020 a partnership with , a cryptoportfolio provider, to improve digital identity in their Zero Zero wallet. The Ferrum Network is a decentralized network with a unique value proposition – “instead of focusing on new coins, it can represent coins in other networks”.

The partnership quickly followed marketing alliances with LunaPR and Crypto Daily, preparing to disrupt the management market for DeFi and DAO. The , the global fintech marketing and PR company announced on Wednesday, aims to gather the market and build trust and confidence that the PhoenixDAO system will win the market.

“Branding is essential for any industry,” reads the PhoenixDAO statement. “Without a public image, no organization can survive in this competitive market.”

Following successful testing of the DAO, it is now closer to launch than ever before, once it goes live, it will be the first step towards visiting developers around the world who are building on the PhoenixDAO ecosystem. Later, in 2021, the team will share details about the launch of the dApp store. It will also give users the opportunity to earn a passive income through the bet – expected next month.

Glad to support  ! You are really right.

Enjoy the benefits of the bet now with the release of V2 next month! & # 128293;

– PhoenixDAO (@phnxdao)

The PhoenixDAO token, is currently trading at $ 0.088997, up a sudden 220% from last month, and the total stock in circulation is 51,897,138. The total market cap for PHNX tokens is $ 4,778,869, which is 7, It represents a 3% drop in the last 24 hours.

Disclaimer : This is a paid job. Conduct your own research on the promotional company or any of its affiliates or services mentioned in this article. Coingape.com will not be liable for any damage or loss to you.

Togel Casino Bonus Tips – How to Get a Free togel Account


Togel Casino Bonus Tips – How to Get a Free togel Account

ToGel is a game of pure luck. In it players are trying to hit a pattern on a grid of five or six squares without putting any cards on the table. The first player who hits a Togel sign on the grid in a row wins a point. That means they did not have the luck factor but rather used statistical probability to win. While playing this game, no cards are involved so it is safe to play for fun.

Togel is played by many different people. It is usually included in the many different lottery games available on the Internet. People then use various statistical methods and different bonuses to try to predict the numbers which appear on their togels. This form of online gambling began in the Asian nation of Indonesia before it spread to other areas of the world. The popularity of this game is quite high and there are many well-known websites that offer to gel to a large number of players.

In order to play togel you will need to enter a pair of two numbers. These numbers can be anything between one to twenty. The formula to use is quite simple: where the total sum of all the numbers that can come from one to twenty is found. By using these factors which are already known, it should be relatively easy to predict which numbers will be in the togel pattern.

There are many different ways of betting online. Some people go for togel online and other individuals go for regular betting. Togel is the regular betting game. The website has all sorts of strategies and tips to help you increase your chances at winning by a long way.

People who are familiar with togel Singapore will find that it is not too difficult to go about betting on the game. If you have Singaporean friends who happen to be into this kind of thing, you can invite them to join you so that you can have a fun time together. It can also be a great idea to form a small league and invite your friends to bet in it. Such things may even encourage more people to bet online in Singapore and beyond. In fact, you can even start a new togel league to help you make some money and meet some friends over.

The last thing that should be mentioned about togel gaming is the fact that it is fairly simple to get a togel account. The best thing to do to ensure that you do not fall victim to any scams related to this is to go through the terms and conditions which can be found in any of the togel gaming websites you will visit. There you will find the required details and conditions which you will have to fulfill in order to open up an account with any of the togles in Singapore. Opening up a togel account is pretty simple as long as you do your homework and are aware of what to expect from the website you choose.

How to take advantage of volatility

Having been an active participant in financial markets for about a decade, I can say that volatility is quite high. This is one of the reasons why only selected individuals choose to engage in active trading business, let alone try a career in it.

The volatility of Forex and the volatility of futures and equities can make living in the markets a monumental task. However, this is manageable and may even benefit you.

What is volatility trading?

Sometimes markets are silent for several occasions or days. This can give the impression that it is easy to trade forex – but you can move hundreds of pip in a few hours! In order to navigate the periodic chaos of forex trading, it is important to understand the differences in forex volatility.

Volatility trading needs to be addressed in two ways: historical and tacit. Historical volatility is the usual price movement over a period of time (i.e., one month or one year). In contrast, implicit volatility is any abnormal current or future exchange rate. Compared to historical pricing, the implicit tends to exceed the historical range. So in this article we are referring to implied volatility.

Forex volatility can be dangerous, but nice gains are possible if you play your cards well.

Forex Volatility Trading Checklist for FX Leaders

We can overcome market volatility. In fact, we can even turn it to our advantage and take advantage of some great moves. During the years I was a trader, I worked out some rules to avoid lags and take advantage of volatility trading. So, here we go:

Expand your goals

The most logical thing to do when the market is up and running is to broaden your profit / stop loss targets. Volatile markets and subsequent pricing show three basic types of behavior:

  • The shaky market can run in one direction with hundreds of toilets without looking back
  • You may run for hundreds of pipettes in a wavy trench operation and make deep feedback after every foot
  • It may move up and down quickly within a specified range

In all types of volatile markets, it’s better to increase your stop loss and pick up profit targets if you want to survive. This way you can avoid the negative effects of chip sawing and minimize your losses while increasing your profit potential.

Broadening your goals will help you avoid flogging.

Minimize losses


Sometimes, when volatility is high and pricing is volatile, it is wise to use small stops and high profit profit targets. This volatility trading technique usually gives the best results when applied in the market. It seems contradictory with the above technique, which discusses broadening the goals – but it actually works!

Once the price has determined the range and is trading within it, the stop should be placed close above the top when you sell and below the bottom when you buy. You never know when the price will break out of range and how long it will run when that happens. So on these occasions, it is better to have a strict stop loss.

Remember when EUR / USD traded between 1.05 and 1.1050 after the Fed meeting in March? He moved 400-500 pipes up and down during a few sessions. When he finally knocked the top of the range, the price jumped to 1.1450. If you put the stop above 100, 200 or even 300 cores above the peak, you suffered a big loss after the eruption – this often happens in volatile markets. Even if they stop a few times, you can more than compensate for the losses with a winning trade.

Reduce leverage

Leverage is very useful for traders who want to make a big profit with a limited amount of equity. Leverage, however, is also a major killer of trading accounts. So, if you broaden your stop loss target using a volatility trading plan, it’s better to also reduce leverage. At the end of the day, your account risk should remain in the same proportion as you normally would.

A few weeks ago, when the Chinese stock market crashed, the movement of some forex pairs in a few hours was as high as 600 pips. We decided to enter a long USD / JPY value after the first 200 cores decreased. We opened a buy trade with 300 pips targets for both profit and stop loss. Few knew the pair was moving down another 400 pipes.

If we had used the same 3% leverage for a 30 pip stop loss, we would have lost 30% of our account in one trade. But we reduced leverage from 1:10 to 1: 2 and lost 2% of the bill.

We got it back later that day when the price went up with another purchase, as you could see from our indications. If we had kept leverage at the same level and lost 30% of our account, we would have been hit hard. It is very likely that we could not have opened a second position to recoup our loss on the first trade.

It is not possible to beat the whole market, so it is better to reduce leverage under low volatility.

Diversify your portfolio

Portfolio diversification is one of the main methods for long-term survival. Large institutions always diversify their portfolios by many means, in many different markets.

Diversification is of particular importance when volatility is high. You can never be 100% sure of the outcome of trading under normal trading conditions. During periods of high volatility, uncertainty increases. So splitting funds that are usually traded into several pairs and in different directions limits the risk and often brings in nice profits.

Diversification becomes even more profitable when the price fluctuates amid increasing forex volatility. If you sell EUR / USD with resistance and buy AUD / USD with close support when the wave of USD strength ends, you can make two winning trades. In the worst case, it only covers loss-making transactions and eliminates its losses. If you do this with multiple pairs, some will make a profit while others will pay off.

Look at the bigger picture

A shaky and undulating market often gives the impression that it is moving without a clear direction and is confused. Therefore, it is better to look at the bigger picture to avoid the effect of the noise of smaller time frames. This way, you can see the more important levels of support and resistance in higher time frames, which prevents you from overriding smaller time frame indicators.

Overselling, especially in a volatile market, is as bad as high leverage. If you open too many professions, you cannot concentrate and nurture the professions properly. The logic is blurred and it is difficult to get a clear direction. Therefore, it is best to observe the market on a larger time frame chart to select the best entry points.

How many times have we heard the phrase “patience virtue”? Patience is essential in volatility trading. So select the more important levels in the higher time frame charts, then wait until the price reaches that level and hit. When you have made enough profit in your trade, go out. Rinse and repeat. 

More Tips for Trading in Volatile Markets: How to Trade Profitably in Volatile Markets – Forex Trading Strategies

When in doubt, stay out!

Last but not least, practice avoidance if it is appropriate. You don’t always have to be in the market. You cannot grab every single tick that the price moves up and down. You trade for profit, so it’s ideal to wait for the best opportunities.

If you’re not sure which direction the market is heading, it’s best to stay away and simply watch the market until a good opportunity emerges. There will always be one – don’t go chasing the price in a volatile market!

Extremely buoyant USD / CAD to deal with Canadian job numbers, US non-agricultural payrolls

As the ECB’s rate decision and press conferences are not removed, tomorrow’s (Friday) labor market data in the US and Canada could end the week at a high with some volatile market volatility.

The ECB has launched certain measures today, but not nearly as much as I have seen in the past. I have to say, the market isn’t as active as I’d like, and the really great trends aren’t too rich right now. Let’s look at a few instruments, starting with USD / CAD:

USD / CAD – What powerful progress!

What remarkable progress on USD / CAD! This is a pretty long wave in terms of time and distance. This should serve as a warning to traders who are interested in entering long positions at this late stage. You see, the price has moved quite a bit away from the average (introduced by the 20-EMA) and the pair is fast approaching an important resistance zone where we can expect bulls to get some earnings and even some short bear sales. Now, whether it’s the bulls making money or the bears on short sale, the effect is the same: the U.S. dollar will sell against the Canadian. Needless to say, these actions will affect the USD / CAD exchange rate.

Let’s not forget that courses can move in one direction for extended periods of time. This is important to keep in mind because while it seems like this pair could run out soon, it doesn’t mean we should suddenly start looking for sales opportunities. When we see strong bullish momentum as in this case with USD / CAD, we have to respect that momentum until we come across a valid reversal signal. If you asked a little boy how to ride a fast train, he would surely conclude that the train would have to stop first. The same is true with strong impulsive moves like this on USD / CAD. The average daily turnover on USD / CAD is about 275 billion USD. Think of it this way, behind this last bullish wave stands tremendous weight and momentum; it will not necessarily stop here just because it is approaching an important zone of resistance and because it has become really overcrowded. Do you think you have the resources to resist that kind of order? Maybe, but probably not. Whether you are buying or selling a particular currency pair, it is generally better to wait for the current momentum (if it is very aggressive) to slow down before entering with or against it. Going against the swing is obviously more technical and requires a lot of experience and a solid signal for a turnaround.

So what approach should we use when trading this pair? The bullish momentum is still intact, so our bias should be bullish. However, if you want to buy this pair now, you need to be aware that a reversal or correction is more likely with each new bull day that is printed. This type of progress also slows as it approaches an important resistance zone.

We need to trade the settings with a high probability. These settings generally occur closer to the trend average. Therefore, it would be better to wait for the current momentum to slow down and give the 20-EMA a chance to catch up. Then applications can be taken at or near the 20-EMA if it is observed that this exponential moving average is held as dynamic support (or resistance). How will we know if this is the case? If we see that the price declines the EMA and prints satisfactory candles to confirm this rejection, it will give us a good clue. Of course, we can use the triggers on smaller time frames, but only if they are in line with the technical data on the daily chart.

The price of oil has been falling aggressively in the last two days. This also penalized the Canadian dollar. Watch out for the price of oil if you trade the Canadian dollar: these two are highly correlated.

On Friday, the expected US report on non-payment payrolls could cause significant instability in the foreign exchange market. Canada will also release labor market data at exactly the same time (13:30 GMT). This will make USD / CAD trading interesting on the day. If we get a really big number out of the US and a really bad number out of Canada, USD / CAD could be the perfect pair for a dollar to buy.

The ADP number of changes in agricultural employment released on Wednesday is often a good indicator of how NFP numbers will pass two days later. Now this number was really great and reached 298,000 new jobs compared to the expected reading of 190,000. Really impressive, right? Perhaps the NFP figures this month will be really great, which would further set market expectations for a new increase in U.S. interest rates next week on Wednesday (March 15th). Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

AUD / USD – ‘Down’ 200-MA again

AUD / USD has fallen, as expected, in recent days. This happened after the pair recently traded straight into an important resistance zone. I personally traded this setting and entered it on February 28th. Check out this daily chart:

It’s good to see this pair trading again below their 200-day moving average. The price is also relatively far below the 20-day exponential moving average, testifying to its strong short-lived bearish momentum.

It certainly seems that we could expect a further decline of this pair in the next few weeks. If you’re also briefly exposed to this pair, be careful with the NFP report tomorrow. Be sure to manage your risk carefully.

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our website. We have a wealth of useful information regarding Forex trading strategies, forex brokers and live market updates.

Have a nice NFP Friday!

Managing Disease With Public Health Promotion

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is a state of full physical, emotional and social well being and not just the absence of illness and infirmity. A wide variety of definitions have previously been used for various purposes. Some of them are even centuries old. Others, however, are based on recent findings and observation of today’s lifestyle and environment.


According to recent studies, physical well-being has a lot to do with psychological well-being. The two go hand in hand. When people are healthy emotionally, they tend to be mentally healthy as well. The definition of “well-being” states that it is the ability to enjoy one’s life without feeling burdened, depressed, anxious or physically ill. Emotional well-being is the result of one’s own inner happiness and does not depend on external sources such as the material world.

The concept of wellness has several facets, including its relation to the concept of disease. Disease, it turns out, is just an expression of poor health. While it is true that people who are more likely to contract disease are at greater risk for acquiring a serious illness, there is a link between the concepts of wellness and disease. People who are healthy are also at a lesser risk for developing more serious illnesses like cancer and heart disease. This shows that being healthy is one of the keys to being at a higher level of health, and lower risk for developing some illnesses.

Poor physical health and good mental health are, however, different things altogether. The absence of any physical illness does not guarantee a person to be mentally sound. Mental health is likewise not only absence from illness but the result of a person’s capacity to function normally in the face of adversity and stress. Mental health may also refer to the quality of life as manifested by the person’s enjoyment and capacity to cope with his or her environment.

Many people today seem to be more preoccupied with being healthy than with getting treated for the various diseases. This is unfortunate since getting the proper treatment for these diseases are essential to their survival. A good number of studies have shown that the mortality rate of patients with heart disease and other diseases are greatly reduced when patients to engage in regular physical activity. In fact, being physically active is actually a major preventive factor in combating heart disease. Studies have also shown that regular physical activity prevents the onset and development of several forms of cancer.

Physical activity is not only important in the prevention of these diseases but is also necessary in managing the disease and preventing the development of some forms of cancer. It is therefore necessary for people to take up physical activities as part of their lives in general in order to promote good health. Health management and public health experts have long recommended that people should make an effort to take part in regular exercises on a daily basis.

How Does a Game of Chess Work?

A game is simply a structured type of play, normally undertaken for fun or entertainment, and occasionally used as an educational resource. Games are very different from work, which frequently is carried out merely for recreation, and from literature, which is essentially more of an artistic expression or philosophical elements. Game studies generally focus on the various patterns and systems by which we interact with the world around us.

The main article discusses these broad approaches to game study. The main article covers dice, which seems like a simple idea, but it isn’t until you understand its underlying mechanics that you start to see the uses for dice in games outside of the dice board game. When you start to examine the mechanics of games other than the classic board game, you can begin to see the importance of dice in our everyday lives.

One of the earliest games involving dice is chess. Chess involves placement of pieces on a board, each of which possesses a certain number of capabilities, or “positions”. You can move a piece on any row or column at any time, and that position will lock that piece into place until the current position is removed. The piece may also be moved diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. Although there are more elaborate chess systems than I will detail here, the basic approach of placing pieces on a row and checking them all off when the current one is moved is the same. This is the simplest of the three main rules of chess, and we shall see this again in later articles.

The next type of game piece we’ll discuss is the playing card, which serve no purpose other than to facilitate movement, but it must be kept within a specified range. If you are playing a game with more than two game pieces, you have the option of using playing cards of more than one color. This increases your options for tactical planning. However, it also means you have to keep track of multiple sets of cards at once, a very cumbersome task. In addition, cards played by kings usually do not count towards your winning score.

The final major category of game pieces, we’ll cover are those used in chess. The pawn, the queen, the knight, the rook, and the bishop all have important strategic roles, and each player must assign value to them based upon their positioning on the chess board. Although these pieces are sometimes called “life” pieces, that word is somewhat misleading. They are only a part of your “life”, and their value is determined by how long they remain on the board. Pawns are usually the lowest valued game piece, and their value declines rapidly as other stronger players remove them from the board. The bishop is the highest value of these game pieces, but he is also susceptible to being removed from the board.

If you’ve never played a real life game of chess, or if you’d rather avoid the intricacies of this ancient game, don’t worry. Many computer games use an optimized version of the original game as the basis for their strategy. (The same goes for video games based on books or movies.) The main article related to strategic board games will explain how to play a game of chess using a minimally invasive, yet comprehensive strategy program. You’ll be able to see all of the best moves, learn how to dominate your opponent, and feel like you’re actually playing a real live game!