Best Buffer Pedals: Top Reviews & Guide

If you are stomping on a pedal trying to get more guitar sustain, then you’ll love this pedal. You love your guitar but hate your pedalboard. With all the stompboxes on it, it’s a bulky, expensive pain to lug around when you travel. The pedal is worn out and buzzing, which makes it hard to play smoothly.

The best buffer pedal is a stompbox that is delivered with the help of a screwdriver. You could forego the effects pedals altogether and stick to just your guitar’s pickups. But then you bemoan the loss of that bigger sound, the richer tone with those new textures you’re not able to tap into anymore. That’s why you need the best buffer pedal for guitar. Say goodbye to your frustrating experience with direct input that robs you of tone and volume. Say hello to the days when you hear every note just the way you intended.

Nothing is better than the best buffer pedal available in the market which supports the smoothest and long-lasting guitar playing session. A buffer can smooth out your tone and give back the right balance in your volume. In fact, that’s exactly what the best buffer pedal for guitar does. The replacement has been designed from a new set of design criteria. We provide another approach to achieving a perfect sound without damaging your instrument or hearing. The buffer is intended for both acoustic and electric guitars of any brand.

KLIQ TinyTune Tuner Pedal: Best Buffer Pedal

The KLIQ TinyTune is a valuable tuning tool for both guitarists and bassists. It features a high capacity 9V battery, accurate needle movement, flat tuning mode with a detuning range of 48 semitones available in 1 cent increments (this mode works to achieve Schafer tuning if set properly), and pitch calibration with +5/-6 semitone adjustments.

Use it with the included guitar pick or the probe to get the most precise tunings you’ll ever need on stage or in the studio. The optimal pedal for string instruments is the KLIQ TinyTune. The Mini pedal is the least expensive model, and they have it in-store now. It reads your instrument accurately and is chromatic, meaning that it has much better overall accuracy than say a piano scale.

This lets you tune to precise notes instead of just intervals (it will show A=440 but you’ll actually get A in between 439-441). You can change the reference pitch to A=432 if you’d like as well. It is the newest, smallest, lightest, and easiest to use guitar amp tuner on the market featuring a mini LCD display with an adjustable backlight for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Great for tuning acoustic or electric guitar or bass in any environment, this tuner can be used while performing in front of an audience or just sitting on your couch. It is a chromatic tuner that fits in the palm of your hand. A true mini-pedal tuner, the TinyTune features a tuning sensor that is ultra-sensitive to even the slightest vibrations.

This accuracy gives you tuning confidence like never before as you bend strings or play purposely out-of-tune notes to find hidden harmonics. Go ahead- step on it, stomp on it, bang on it, get rowdy, and don’t worry about wrecking your headstock because this tuner can handle it! It also features an auto-backlight for dark stages.

TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster: Top Rated Buffer Pedal

The TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster Guitar Pedal features Extreme bass boost and Extreme treble boost control for sound sculpting, True Bypass circuitry, and exclusive TonePrint – a licensed technology that allows you to load instantly available, the signature guitar sounds on to your pedal! The Spark Mini is a compact, premium quality pedal built with an incredible tone in mind.

It is the smallest and most affordable version of TC Electronic’s award-winning booster pedal series. It’s a great tone helper which can be used to add upper harmonics and gain to your signal, perfect for crunchy rhythm playing. When used in conjunction with an overdrive or distortion pedal, it brings out the fine details that might be lost due to the increasing amounts of naturally occurring noise when dirt starts kicking in.

Your guitar and amplifier really shine when you use it. This buffer pedal keeps your signal clear, even with long cable runs, so you can keep your tone intact. Use it on stage or in the studio to prepare your sound, or to beef up your effects pedals. The Spark Mini adds consistent bass and sustain while reducing unwanted noise. It is a guitar effects pedal that has as its primary function a buffer.

It also is able to produce +2dB of clean gain and -2 dB of soft clipping. It provides +4dB of button-selectable low-end boost. Since it’s not a subtle boost pedal, there is no volume drop with the pedal on. The Boost and Normal signals are completely separate, so using them in conjunction gives you four different sounds: Clean Boost, Aggressive Boost, Bulky Soft Clipping, and Bulky Hard Clipping.

Step up your guitar signal with the mini Spark booster. This super-compact and lightweight pedal contains a studio-grade vintage buffer circuit that ensures zero loss of tone as well as an overdrive section for taming high-gain amps.

TC Electronic PolyTune 3: Excellent Pedal for Buufer Effects

TC Electronic PolyTune 3 combines polyphonic tuning with a high-quality buffer. This means that you can easily and accurately tune all the strings on a twelve-string guitar, an armada of pickups, or even an entire pedalboard without sacrificing tone or signal integrity. Heavy Rock, Industrial and Metal players might want to check out the TC Electronic PolyTune 3.

It is a polyphonic tuner pedal that provides fast, accurate tuning without sacrificing tone. This PolyTune offers that, but more… Everything you love about the original PolyTune, plus even more features! It features the smart and fast PolyTune™ 3 tuner, with a bright LED display and polyphonic feedback.

This means the tuner will (with most instruments) recognize different notes played simultaneously, which allows you to get into perfect tune super fast! It also has 2 classic tuning modes, Chromatic and Guitar/Bass, along with a bypass mode which turns off the tuning lights.

The PolyTune sports a high-quality buffer and can tune your guitar in any tuning from E to B, not that you’ll be able to walk without limping when you have cramps. It will tune your guitar quickly. It has a buffer to keep the tuning steady. The 4 display modes allow you to read the tuning in different ways. The thousands of colors give it a stylish look.

It has been updated with a seamless design change that makes it more sturdy, and easier to use. It is equipped with an active buffer circuit that will give you a clean and pure signal when connected to any standard guitar cable or.

JHS Prestige Boost: Outstanding Guitar Effects Pedal

Our buffer pedal is the fastest way to beef up your pedalboard – getting you from point A to louder point B with style & ease. The JHS team has created an ultra-transparent buffer with wide frequency response. The Prestige Boost is the best solution to all of your tonal issues! It’s also a perfect pairing with the JHS Lil Chief and Little Ben distortion pedals for flea-power boost duties.

The JHS Prestige Buffer Pedal offers three selectable modes: true bypass, buffered bypass, and the direct signal. This allows you to use the pedal as a standalone buffer pedal that can help to clean up your guitar tone, and then use it again in any effects loop where you are running long cables or experiencing signal loss. It is a clean boost pedal with a true buffer.

It features gain, level, tone, and volume controls as well as a knob labeled drop which adjusts the tone of the boost. It provides 100% transparent signal conditioning of your guitar’s signal, perfect for recording and onstage performance. It gives your signal a little push before it hits the amp or board.

This means your signal comes cleanly into your effects chain and retains its tone whether you’re using analog or digital. The buffer is an extremely transparent circuit, meaning it will not color the sound of the original signal or add noise. The boost is around 14dB. It is a high-quality buffer pedal with great tone.

It features a true bypass footswitch and has an input, output, and 9V power jack for powering other pedals. This gives you the warm sound of old-style analog delay in a digital world.

FLAMMA FS02 Reverb Pedal Stereo: Perfect Buffer Pedal

Best Buffer Pedal in the USA – FLAMMA FS02 Reverb Pedal Stereo Digital Guitar Pedal with 7 Storable Preset Slots Room Hall Church Cave Plate Spring Mod Reverb True Bypass Trail On. It is a powerful Reverb pedal with a simple yet rich set of features.

It has 7 Storable Preset Slots and 6 Presets that can be used as warm spring reverb, bright hall reverb, heavy modulated digital reverb, church cave plate reverb etc. The level knob controls the volume of the pedal. The type knob allows you to choose between four different types of reverb effects including plate, spring room, and hall.

The depth knob controls the depth or intensity of the reverb effect while the last knob controls the time or duration of the effect. Extra cool is that you can combine 2 different reverbs, like the spring and room, or hall and room, to create whole new spaciousness!  Use the flamma knob on the right side to blend between the original dry signal and the wet reverb sound.

There is also a spring control on the back of the pedal for those who want to adjust the spring intensity. It is a Stereo Reverb pedal with flexible reverbs and NEW Plate Modulation. Additionally it features True Bypass switching, stereo inputs and outputs as well as 7 storable presets. It is a professional audio effects unit designed to enrich the quality of your musical performance.

This guitar pedal features 7 digital, storable presets with a fully adjustable parameters, including “reverb”, “spring”, “plate”, “church”, “room”, and “cave”.

TC Electronic Guitar Signal Path Effect: Bonafide Buffer Pedal

TC Electronic Guitar Signal Path is now easier than ever with the Bonafide Buffer. Featuring GIG-Connect you can easily connect this pedal to other pedals creating a signal chain that’s as true to your instrument as possible. The buffer in this pedal is a low impedance, high headroom buffer with a unique asymmetrical design.

This means the pedal preserves guitar tone and adds sustain while only adding roughly 3dB signal loss and causing no audible coloration. The Bonafide Buffer is a must-have for all guitarists looking to preserve their guitar tone! Achieve superior tone on all of your pedals and delays with the TC Electronic Guitar Signal Path pedal.

Featuring a high-quality guitar buffer, this durable pedal allows you to keep your tone intact when spiking and killing effects. The True Bypass switching ensures that your signal is passed through without being affected as you change from one effect to the next. It is a professional-quality buffer that ensures your signal retains its tone when passing through long cable runs and studio environments.

It features IN-LINE operation to eliminate unwanted noise and artifacts, plus it offers LINE OUT functionality for sending the purest signal directly to your amplifiers. We know you’re picky about your tone and we’ve worked hard to make sure this pedal doesn’t affect the true sound of your guitar’s input pickups.

We use a unique on/off sweep switching buffer circuit mixed with TC Electronic´s trusted studio technology to deliver a natural and transparent note definition and dynamic response over its entire range. With the dial-able volume and blend controls, you can push your tube amp beyond its limits in a natural way as if it was straight wired into the front end of the amp. The tonal possibilities are endless when using our Bonafide Buffer Pedal.

Donner MOD Square Evolution: Magnificent Buffer Pedal

Best Buffer Pedal for guitarists, Audio Fanzine USA review, Donner MOD Square Evolution+ Guitar Effects Pedal, 7 Modulations, Chorus Phaser Tremolo UnivibeFlanger Vibrato, Buffer Bypass. It’s an evolution of the original MOD Square with new features added. The pedal’s remarkable versatility can create smooth dynamic modulating swells as well as dramatic sweeping flange and pitch effects.

It is a guitar effects pedal with new concept of multifunction. By pressing the knob, you can select each function, which includes 7 modulation modes for phaser, flanger, chorus, tremolo, and Vibro. These include chorus phaser tremolo vibrato flanger and of course a UniVibe type effect.

Also features an analog dry thru output (in addition to the wet signal) allowing you to feed your clean signal directly to the next pedal inline or mixer/recording device. It’s features Chorus/Flanger, Tremolo & Vibrato, Phaser, Uni-Vibe, Octave (Low/High),+/- 12dB Boost/Cut, Bass, and Treble EQ, Blend, Delay Tune & Mod Depth. A trusty buffer pedal is a must-have for those looking to achieve a fuller sound, or just appreciate the smooth, quiet humming action of your effects. The Donner MOD Square Evolution+ offers 8 different modulation effects in one single pedal: chorus, phaser, tremolo, and more. Stand out from the crowd with a unique tone and easily customize your sound thanks to this pedal’s seven modulation types.

It will enhance your sound. A buffer bypass switch and volume control lets you use it with any input level without loss or hum. 7 Modulations, Chorus Phaser Tremolo UnivibeFlanger Vibrato make this unit a modulation lover’s dream come true. It is one of the most creative new guitar from Donner.

It combines seven modulation and tone-shaping functions into one compact pedal, with no menus or delays. It’s a huge value for all of the modulation that you get in this box.

PURE BUFFER: Outstanding Buffer Effect Pedal

Best Buffer Pedal is the high-end buffer pedal that delivers the pure tone, unlike most buffer pedals available today that ruin your tone and add noise. There are tons of different buffer pedals out in the market. Some have a solid metal casing, some have a plastic casing, but only PURE BUFFER has a FULL METAL SHELL for the Pro guitarists that want nothing but the best quality tone when they play.

Look at any professional studio engineer’s setup, you will find nothing but high-end gear for the greatest performance in sound. It has a Full Metal shell with a large buffer surface area. Smooth footboard with anti-slip grip yummy, The reservoir and the strong chassis of the Pure Buffer Pedal.

Separate power and effect level knobs for each side, It doesn´t have to be one or the other (volume and distortion), Ease of use, stability, value, and small size make this product an excellent choice. It is the first pedal in the market made with pure metal making it much more durable to wear and tear than any other pedals in the market.

Its super-smooth level of gain, volume and tone deliver a virtually transparent signal with no loss of highs or lows ensuring a great sound. It is a great buffer pedal for the price it gives you a relatively large gain range 0db-10db+5db which can make things interesting, and I like the fact that there is no noise when at 0db and it is the metal casing, not plastic.

I have tried other pedals in this price range but this one definitely stood out to me.

FLAMMA FS06 Digital Preamp: Amazing Buffer Pedal

The Flamm FS06 Digital Preamp Pedal with Built-in Cabinet Simulation is an efficient device that you can use to feed your guitar and amp pedals through a single amp channel and speaker. This device makes it possible for you to plug in all your guitar effects simultaneously while then taking only one channel and speaker of the amplifier.

Once you plug your guitar into this device, all of the effects will pass on to the amp or tube together. The pedal has 7 models of cabinets available and also comes with a custom tone control that allows you to shape your sound just how you like it. Most other compact pedals don’t have a lot of tonal variety, which can make them difficult to find the right sounds for different styles of music.

Using a preamp pedal gives you a more professional sound long before you put the signal into your amplifier. It gives you more exciting guitar effects and especially will increase your experience in playing the guitar. The FS-06 has an additional reference tone function for tuning that also offers a reference tone library for any genre. It is a buffer and preamp pedal.

With the FS06, you’ll enjoy a studio-quality sound from the stage. While other pedals add an annoying noise floor to your signal, the environmentally-friendly FLAMMA FS06 does not include any artificial hum or hissing sounds. The effects can be customized through its seven replaceable preset slots. It lets you create your own tone settings, shares your thoughts on preset data, and works as an active monitor.

Ammoon Mini Pedal: Guitar Effect Pedal (Clean Buffer)

The Ammoon Mini Guitar Effect Pedal (Clean Buffer) removes the tone-sucking impedance by creating a “short circuit” between a guitar and amplifier. This buffer pedal can dramatically improve the sound of any tube amp and is especially important when driving long cable runs or multiple effects pedals. It is a true bypass pedal.

The true bypass cable structure makes the sound very pure and clean. The mini design makes it portable and easy to carry around. It is a must-have pedal for everyone! This unique buffer pedal will be a perfect unity when your playing effects are in the front of your amp, or you are using a long cable from the effects pedal to the amp, or your handheld your amp with a cable longer than 1m.

For all these applications, turn on—clean–buffered mode will reduce noise and maintain clean signal perfectly. It is a buffer pedal that makes your guitar sound more full and more powerful when turning on your amp. Don’t let your signal die, keep your tone alive with a quality buffer pedal.

It is ideal for players who wish to keep their signal as clean as possible or those who simply want to reclaim some space on their pedalboard. An ideal way to improve your overdrive/distortion sound, this BBE 510 Buffer Pedal features a true bypass design for eliminating unwanted tones and hum, while a Level control allows you to dial in the desired amount of gain boost and volume.

A Blend knob is included as well to give you even more amp-like authenticity.