The Main Articles of Fitness and Health

Health is a condition where disease and infirmity aren’t necessarily present. Various definitions are used for the purpose of describing this concept. Some examples that can illustrate the meaning of health are vitality, soundness, wholesome, and completeness of life. The best definition of health is the one that enables us to live comfortably and happily.


In general, health is an essential part of the way we live. This definition also involves managing the risks of contracting illness and disease. Basically, health encompasses aspects of the physical, emotional, social and mental well being. It also entails making good lifestyle choices as it includes avoiding unhealthy practices, exercising, and eating the right foods.

The pursuit of wellness aims to increase physical health, decrease illness and disability, and improve quality of life. Personal wellness is an approach to life that involves managing the whole person including the physical, emotional, mental, and social aspects. It also involves taking steps to promote optimum health and preventing and controlling diseases. The goals include achieving and maintaining good health status, extending life span, countering aging, preventing and controlling infectious diseases, improving functioning and achieving optimal well-being. It also involves taking steps to ensure a balance between physical and mental activity.

Good health status consists of a complete system of body, mind and spirit. A balanced system is achieved when all these three facets work in coordination with each other. The ideal health condition is when the physical body is healthy and in its peak performance state, devoid of any signs of disease. Good health conditions also avoid serious illnesses, prolonging life, and preventing diseases from reoccurring.

One of the main articles of fitness is proper sleep. People who lack sleep have severe limitations in their daily activities. This causes them to be less productive, have low concentration and can become emotionally unstable. Serious illnesses can occur when someone lacks proper rest. To prevent and control disorders that arise from lack of rest, lifestyle modifications like eating the right quantity and quality of food, regular exercise, and avoiding stressful situations are necessary.

Stress management is another main article of overall health and wellness. Stress may result from various sources, such as work and personal relationships, and it can affect the body, mind and spirit negatively. Stress management techniques involve changing lifestyle habits, making personal changes and taking recommended health supplements.

A good diet is also one of the main articles of personal health and wellness. A diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, fiber and protein is highly recommended, as is a daily dose of vitamins and minerals. The recommended quantity of vitamins is usually found in fruits and vegetables. Fiber and protein are both found in whole grains and lean meat. All these things help reduce stress and enhance general mental and physical health.

The other important factor that can contribute to the cause of anorexia is a person’s lifestyle choices. Certain behaviors, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, overeating, skipping meals and using laxatives can all be determinants of anorexia. These lifestyle choices lead to other determinants, such as psychological problems, body image concerns, self-esteem issues and eating habits. It is important to address all these determinants to improve health status.